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“24 hour notice required on all online catering orders only. Manager will call back with a confirmation of the order. Call now for immediate service”.
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  •  PARTY SUBS 3 Foot Sub PARTY SUBS 6 Foot Sub PARTY TRAY SALAD Antipasto, Greek or Caesar 50PC WINGS
  •  100PC WINGS PIZZA PARTY TRAY With 1 Topping 100PC Chicken Tenders or Chicken Dinner with French Fries, Cole Slaw, read ticks Spaghetti, Mostacholi, Lasagna with Bread Sticks and Salad Half Tray Spaghetti, Mostacholi, Lasagna with Bread Sticks and Salad Full Tray
For you or your family we deliver in Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Detroit, Melvindale and Lincoln Park.
For catering orders, we deliver anywhere in Metro Detroit.

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